O series


(Ground Control Station)


Two sets of joysticks for simultaneous aircraft and gimbal control

Telemetry link compatible with MAVlink(433 or 915 MHz, LTE)

Control Link : 2.4GHz, 12Channels PPM or TTL Series

Flight modes : Manual / FAS(Flight Assist System) / Return home

Access the operational site map with UAV location and route

Possibility to create / modify / analyze missions

Possibility of integration of vision systems in control of the aircraft

(for follow-me operations)



Display : High Quality 7” TFT LCD(1200 x 1920 pixels)

Capacitive touchscreen Multi-touch

Power and battery : 7 hours

Operative System : Window OS

Battery : Rechargeable LiPo 7.4V/8000mAh

LTE System Block Diagram

회사명 : (주)에이알웍스        대표자 : 권성률       

주소 : 서울특별시 성동구 성수일로 4길 25,1906호 (서울숲코오롱디지털타워 1차)

​전화번호 : 02-466-3898        사업자등록번호 : 206-86-85498 

문의 : support@arworkslab.com

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